A Wonderful Start to a New Series!

Famine: Book One of The Apocalyptics - Monica Enderle Pierce

I've never heard of this author until coming across a review for the novel. It peaked my interest and a few moments later, I decided to give it a shot and I was NOT disappointed.

I immediately noticed the author's writing style. Her words flow together smoothly, almost like a poetic prose. The author has much knowledge about the Edwardian Era! With vibrant descriptions added in the mix, I knew that I couldn't just speed read or skip paragraphs. I had to pay attention to every detail. I was intrigued.

Bartholomew is an interesting character. Not only do we get to see his inner struggles, we also get a front row seat in how he handles the dilemma he's in. I got the feeling that he's fluent in several languages. I really enjoyed him and how he dealt with issues throughout the novel, including Famine. While reading this book you can see how his relationship with Matilde is growing and developing. Trust seemed to be the big issue here. At first I didn't care for Matilde but little by little I began to understand the young girl and I saw her in a different light. She's a fighter.

I've bought many books from authors I've never heard before and I have to say, this is the first time that I wanted to reach out to an author via email and praise them for writing a remarkable book.

I will be reading the sequel to this book when it's released. 4.5 stars!