This is No Queen of The Damned

Prince Lestat - Anne Rice

I was thrilled to find out what Lestat and the other vampires in Anne Rice's world were up to.

The first few chapters were hard for me to read. Perhaps it's been so long since I read an Anne Rice novel that I had to readjust to her writing style once again.

After I managed to get over that hump, I found myself struggling to read the novel. Sometimes I had to force myself to pick up where I left off.Many of these characters I cared less for. Like many readers I wanted more Louis but he only got a Chapter. The only "new" character I found interesting was Rose.

This is no Queen of the Damned. This book isn't nothing like the original novels I read when younger.

Still, I don't regret picking up the book and giving it a shot. It's great to know that there are still great vampire novels being released after the sore that was Twilight.